Trusted Systems Group

New Lecture in SS16: Android Security Lab

Together with the Information Security & Cryptography group at CISPA, the Trusted Systems Group is offering a full-day course (“Blockkurs”) on Android security.

In this practical course, the students deal with different aspects of smartphone security at the example of the open-source Android OS. In general, the awareness and understanding of the students for security and privacy problems in the area of smartphones is increased and they learn to tackle current security and privacy issues on smartphones from the perspectives of different actors in the smartphone ecosystem (e.g., end-users, app developers, market operators, etc.). The focus of this course is on the application-layer of Android and leaves the system-specific parts (i.e., middleware and kernel) for a separate lecture on system security.

For further information on the course schedule and modus, please refer to the course page at the IS&C website.