Trusted Systems Group


We are looking for motivated and talented people with a strong interest into the various areas of trusted and secure systems, in particular into new and emerging topics such as mobile systems, human-aspects of IT security, or the application of machine learning to security and privacy. To get a feeling for the areas of interest, please check our research page.

In return, we can offer an excellent research environment for conducting your PhD thesis or post-doctoral work with close individual supervision.

In December 2017, CISPA was founded as a soon-to-be-established Helmholtz Research Center. This is a major achievement and shows that our visionary research has paid off. This evolution allows CISPA to become the site for information security research in Europe, with an estimated number of 500-700 researchers in the long term. More information can be found here.

Moreover, the CS department of Saarland University belongs to the largest and best in Europe and in particular the Center for IT-Security, Privacy, and Accountability (CISPA) competes at the highest, international academic levels. Besides a strong collaboration between the different research groups at CISPA and the CS department, we also have strong connections to two internationally renowned Max Planck Institutes (Informatics and Software Systems) as well as the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, all here on campus.

If you are interested, please contact Sven Bugiel!

Bachelor / Master

Currently we do not have any open positions for BSc/MSc theses.

Student assistants ("HiWi")

Currently we do not have any open positions for student assistants.